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Episode 395 – Artie and Craig Gass Tell Stories

Our buddy Craig Gass joins us in one of the best podcasts of our show. He tells Artie about some missed opportunities. Craig has worked with Shaquille O’Neal recently and has a great story. Artie really likes Craig. Craig tells us a very funny Christopher Walken story. Craig talks about his Stern days and why he got into trouble. Artie wants Craig to tell one of the greatest stories ever! Craig had a Bill Murray encounter at the World Series.

Episode 392 – Artie and Dan Discuss The Future of The Show

Artie posted some tweets and people didn’t get it. Artie tells you why he tweets some things. Artie has been invited by Norm Macdonald to be on his podcast. Artie talks about some actors that he feels could have been good as James Bond. Did Lou Ferrigno ever get a look? Dan tells of a day he got a call from Ken Kohl concerning a Paula Dean story in the news. Artie got a letter from his old manager. Artie has an idea for his old manager’s company. Artie gets creeped out by watching Rush Limbaugh broadcast from his house. Artie got hired by MadTV because of his impression of Rush which made Quincy Jones laugh. Q is the coolest. He and Frank were good friends. Kamal from ‘The Jerky Boys’ went to see his dad. It wasn’t pretty. We are having too many people steal the podcast. We had an outside company look at it. Artie wants to continue to do it, but he has to break even. Artie is having remodeling done and the head guy reminds him of someone. Artie is raw and real on this podcast. This is the funniest podcast around and he and Dan love doing it. Artie loves Maron but this is funnier! Here is the deal quitters, more tomorrow!

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Episode 391 – Artie with Fred Stoller and Adrienne Iapalucci

Artie welcomes in Fred Stoller and Adrienne Iapalucci. My how times have changed in terms of ‘The Honeymooners’. Fred wants to know what kind of rules the podcast has? All podcasts have different rules. Fred talks about his mother. Fred wonders what he would be like in ‘Dog Day Afternoon’? Fred has a comment about Adrienne. Fred and Artie went to see ‘The Wonder Boys’. Fred was asked to be in Joe Dirt because of that. We bring up Michael Jackson and George Lopez. Artie wants to know if he is getting conned by women. Fred and Artie talk about ‘The Norm Show’. What is the shirt Fred has on? Fred and Artie talk about Kato Kaelin. Fred starts kissing Kevin James ass. Fred talks about his on-line book.

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Episode 390 – Artie with Johnny Styne and Dick Nixon

Our buddy Johnny Styne joins us as well as Dick Nixon. Artie tells us the legend of Kaiser Permanente – we had it all wrong! Johnny tells us about the short film he put in for “The Howard Stern Film Festival”. Artie talks about the Steve Harvey memo to his staff and reads it aloud. We just saw another burglar alarm commercial. Look at those actors! Artie’s buddy Paul Mecurio is on CNN, and the woman has no clue what he’s talking about. Paul is just trying to be funny. Steve Harvey Fierstein joins us. Artie talks about Ice T. What was Babe Ruth like with women? We get back to the topic of Paul concerning the Comedy Cellar podcast and a fight that started. Dan Naturman and Paul went at it. Howard took a day off and there are “rumors”. Artie talks about an odd encounter they had.

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Episode 389 – Artie With Adrienne Iapalucci, New Stuttering Juan Ideas

The always funny Adrienne Iapalucci joins us, as well as Artie’s cousin by marriage and former radio newsman Matt Fazelpoor. Adrienne tells us how to pronounce her name. Did anyone see David Letterman induct Pearl Jam? Artie and Adrienne talk about Dave. Artie is moving to Sacramento. Artie has some new ideas for Stuttering Juan. They talk about Howard. Artie loves the Jennifer Aniston commercial. We have to get something to eat. Artie saw Kanye West and has a theory about his cell phone. Kanye must get butt-dialed all day. Artie talks about Brad and Angelina. He also discusses the Rangers Stanley Cup Playoffs game he went to and the bar he watched it at. Matt Fazelpoor brings us up to date on what’s going on in the news.

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Episode 388 – Artie and Mario Bosco Investigate Uber Worthiness

We are joined by our buddy Mario Bosco. Artie talks about the White House Press Corp. Artie recalls a black friend from high school. Artie orders Dan to buy hand towels. Mario said Dan told him that he had to pay for his uber because we were broke. Dan is livid and demands that Mario read him the text. Mario is caught in a lie. Artie worries about the country under Mike Pence. We have a picture of El Chapo and he looks like someone we know. Artie is tired of people telling him not to spend his money. Artie tells you why you might have seen a rasta guy on some of his television shows. There are two places you can still be a racist and Artie tells you where. Jesse Watters sucks! Why does Mario have a King Kong button on, and is it racist? Artie’s Mom has a hot russian woman living with her and Artie has Dan. How did this happen?? We need to count the words Mario said in the podcast, and see if he is worth the Uber by percentage. Mario was accepted to a prestigious acting school. He has some private messages.
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Episode 387 – Artie and Dan, Jillian Barberie, Jackie Martling

Artie and Dan start out with some Anderson Cooper talk. Artie bets he has great hygiene. Artie has an idea for a new remake of a movie. The New Black Swan. What is going on with Cam Newton? What is Anderson’s house like? Artie talks with Jillian Barberie. Is she ready to date Artie now? Jillian talks her love of Artie on all his projects. Who owns Artie and Jillian’s websites? It’s Asian sites that own their URLs.  Artie welcomes Jackie Martling, but first he is very upset at Boston fans. Artie and Jackie talk the Stern days.  Jackie shares a secret he never told anyone. The Jackie puppet is discussed, as well as Artie and Jackie’s contributions to the show. They’re both worried about Robin Quivers. Artie and Jackie paid dues!! The two share more fun comedy stories. Artie has a new book idea for Bill O’Reilly.

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Episode 386 – Artie and Matarese Back From The Comedy Club

Joe Matarese just got back from a comedy club. He saw a comic with an angle and wonders if Lorne Michaels would like his story? Artie does a new lineup for SNL. Joe and Artie start watching a comedy special. Joe has a brilliant observation about Halle Berry, which is that she’s hot! Joe and Artie talk about extra work. Is Joe becoming Artie? Joe got invited to a red carpet for the movie “Chuck” and it didn’t go well. The guys talk about boxing movies. There is a difference between gay women and gay men. Artie and Joe talk about the new guy who does a Trump impression, and how Alec Baldwin may have got the Trump job on SNL. Artie is calling out Seinfeld. Artie tells a story from our DirecTV days. Joe tells us about his new special.

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Episode 385 – Artie and Dan on Aaron Hernandez and Podcast Wars

Hey Patriots fans, do I have a story for you! Aaron Hernandez did what? Artie likes the New England area. He always does well there, but the country started there and some crazy things go on! Ted Kennedy joins the show, but then Lisa Lampanelli joins in. Artie has a tip for Justin Theroux. Artie and Dan are not good looking but Dan thinks he’s OK. The Ernie Banks of terrorists. Why can’t Artie be dumb because then he wouldn’t think about things so much? Well I think we are in some type of podcast war, but we didn’t know it. Kevin Brennan and Dave Juskow are mad at us. Dan likes to give Artie bad news about comedians. Dan is Artie’s Matt Drudge. Crazy political shit is going on!

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Episode 384 – Artie Discusses A New Documentary

It’s Artie and Dan with a special guest coming up. Artie is in the new documentary about Gilbert Gottfried. Fred Stoller texts Dan about his new book. How will the Gilbert documentary play with black audiences? JFK stops by to talk. Is Artie being spied on? We play the new open by Vinny Monroig. Gilbert Gottfried joins us. We talk about his new documentary. Artie talks about similar things in their family. It’s a shame Howard will not be there! Artie talks about the people in the movie and Gilbert’s family. Who will be at the red carpet? Will Artie be the most famous person? Artie and Gilbert discuss Alan Thicke. Artie and Gilbert tell jokes, then we end the interview and get ready for the red carpet. We play some youtube clips of Artie at the end.

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