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Episode 393 – Artie and Dan Talk Crashing and The Podcast

Artie and Dan tell you what’s on Hannity tonight. Artie talks about Crashing. We discuss the Michel Jordan flu game… or was he poisoned by a Godfather Pizza? Herman Cain stops by. Artie talks about being in Chicago and going to see “The Jackson 5” house. What’s going on with Dan? Artie’s accountant isn’t a drinker. He tells people how he got his nickname. Artie tells us what “The Geek’ is and why he loved getting pictures. Artie talks about Bill Maher and we find some hidden tape of him. We got a fan letter about Artie’s recent stand-up. There is a new Dan song. Artie talks about trump and the podcast.

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Episode 392 – Artie and Dan Discuss The Future of The Show

Artie posted some tweets and people didn’t get it. Artie tells you why he tweets some things. Artie has been invited by Norm Macdonald to be on his podcast. Artie talks about some actors that he feels could have been good as James Bond. Did Lou Ferrigno ever get a look? Dan tells of a day he got a call from Ken Kohl concerning a Paula Dean story in the news. Artie got a letter from his old manager. Artie has an idea for his old manager’s company. Artie gets creeped out by watching Rush Limbaugh broadcast from his house. Artie got hired by MadTV because of his impression of Rush which made Quincy Jones laugh. Q is the coolest. He and Frank were good friends. Kamal from ‘The Jerky Boys’ went to see his dad. It wasn’t pretty. We are having too many people steal the podcast. We had an outside company look at it. Artie wants to continue to do it, but he has to break even. Artie is having remodeling done and the head guy reminds him of someone. Artie is raw and real on this podcast. This is the funniest podcast around and he and Dan love doing it. Artie loves Maron but this is funnier! Here is the deal quitters, more tomorrow!

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Episode 391 – Artie with Fred Stoller and Adrienne Iapalucci

Artie welcomes in Fred Stoller and Adrienne Iapalucci. My how times have changed in terms of ‘The Honeymooners’. Fred wants to know what kind of rules the podcast has? All podcasts have different rules. Fred talks about his mother. Fred wonders what he would be like in ‘Dog Day Afternoon’? Fred has a comment about Adrienne. Fred and Artie went to see ‘The Wonder Boys’. Fred was asked to be in Joe Dirt because of that. We bring up Michael Jackson and George Lopez. Artie wants to know if he is getting conned by women. Fred and Artie talk about ‘The Norm Show’. What is the shirt Fred has on? Fred and Artie talk about Kato Kaelin. Fred starts kissing Kevin James ass. Fred talks about his on-line book.

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Ilana Becker – 4/18/2017

Artie is Joined by Ilana Becker

Episode 382 – Artie with Kevin Brennan; RIP Charlie Murphy

The show you have all been waiting for with Kevin Brennan and Bruce, Kevin’s podcast buddy. Kevin was on ‘Facebook Live’ before the show and we have sound from when he finds out Charlie Murphy dies. Artie comes on and they talk Charlie Murphy. Kevin talks about his podcast and Lenny Marcus quitting on him. Kevin talks about his family life. His wife is a big Artie fan. Is everyone a comedian now? We have podcast wars between Artie and Kevin. Kevin worked for Norm Macdonald and now Norm won’t call him back. Kevin is shocked at how much Artie makes doing stand-up. Kevin doesn’t like to talk to himself. The guys talk about Vinnie Brand. Kevin and Bruce talk about strip clubs in China. How long has Artie lived here in Hoboken? Artie tells Kevin he isn’t a good comedy partner. Kevin would put on a strap-on for money. They discuss Howard when he was single. Kevin has to pick up his kids. Artie does a special tribute to Charlie Murphy.

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Episode 375 – Artie with Sam Morril, Scott Chaplain and Ryan Beck

Artie welcomes our buddy Sam Morril as well as two young comics Scott Chaplain and Ryan Beck. Artie asks what Scott and Ryan are up to. There will be a new show like ‘Guy Code’ called ‘High Crimes’. Artie and Sam talk about St. Louis. Artie and the guys have way different eating habits. Sarah Silverman is not only an amazing comic she is still beautiful. Who are the guys that complain on reddit? Do anyone think they look like Brad Pitt? We are watching basketball. Inevitably we discuss Dennis Rodman going to North Korea and his time with the Chicago Bulls. Artie brings up Dave Attell. Artie makes the guys watch 600 lbs. life. These are all people in the south. Do you think Muddy Waters ate well? Artie has seen some gross things in casinos. Sam talks about his podcast.

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Bernie & Sid

Artie chats w/ Bernie & Sid!

Artie had a chat with WABC RADIO’s Bernie & Sid. Click the Play button below to hear the conversation.

Artie, Apatow & Holmes hit the road!

Artie, Apatow & Holmes hit the road!

To support the new HBO comedy series CrashingJudd Apatow, Artie Lange, and Pete Holmes are hitting the road this February.

The shows on the “Crashing Comedy Tour” will benefit “various charities,” according to a release.  Some of the shows will feature special, as-yet-unannounced guests.

Click here for more on Crashing

Mario Bosco – 12/15/2016

Artie is joined by Mario Bosco

Jim Florentine – 12/12/2016

jim-florentineArtie speaks w/ Jim Florentine