Hi everyone, thanks for wanting to subscribe to our podcast via iTunes.  It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

First off, we can’t put a subscription podcast into the iTunes store.  Tim Cook hasn’t been returning our calls lately but if he ever gets booked as a guest on the Podcast we can ask him why that is.

But fear not dear listeners, there’s still a way to get our favorite purveyor of jokes and smut on iTunes.

You need these things to get started:

  • Have a computer with iTunes on it. Sorry to start so basic but you should see some of the email we get.
  • Have an active subscription to the Artie Podcast on THIS very website.  If you don’t have one yet, you can get one by clicking here.

OK, so that’s done.  Now do this:

1) Start up iTunes.  It’s the one with the little music note thingie on the icon.

2) In the “File” menu click the “Subscribe to Podcast” option.  It looks like this:



3) Then, you’ll want to enter the feed address into the little box that comes up.  The address in question is:  http://www.artiequitter.com/podcast/feed/


You know the drill, click to enlarge.

4) At that point, it’ll ask you for the username and password you used when you set up your account. Your username is probably what comes before the @ symbol on your email address.  Example:  dork@meathead.com would be username dork.  If it doesn’t work check the email you got when you signed up.


You know the drill, click to enlarge.

Enter that stuff and voila!  You’re subscribed.  Unfortunately to get these files on a phone or tablet you’ll have to manually sync.

If you want a more seamless experience on your phone, we can recommend a few apps in the App Store.

Downcast is our favorite, but it’s $2.99.

Instacast and RSS radio are both free and work well.

Just follow the instructions to add a podcast manually with the feed address above and you’re in business!



To the "uncensored" PODCAST monthly subscription $6.95/month.

This is Artie Lange like you've never heard him before (unless you've seen his live act in comedy venues); Artie unleashed from the confines of commercial TV & radio. His new show, on demand, features a parade of very funny people: comedians, celebrities, everyday FOA's (friends of Artie) and, oh yeah, Artie himself.


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