The always funny Ari Shaffir and Mike Bocchetti join Artie, and it is a cornucopia of topics. Artie and Ari talk about what it’s like to make big money and how to spend it. They discuss Artie being on “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!” Mike decides he will just throw out random movies that he likes. During the meat of the interview, Ari and Artie talk about women that broke their hearts. Ari tells us that Natasha Leggero just devastated him. They also have some ideas on other women including Katie Holmes.

Mike Bocchetti talks about his new Pepsi commercial and his trip to L.A. with Stacey Prussman. He talks about sharing the “Airbnb” and tales of all the celebs in comedy he didn’t meet. Mike also assures us that when Stacey moves on to another guy he will be fine. Mike discusses and then breaks down regarding his recent show at a rehab center. Artie and Dan are still confused about Stacey’s birthday, but the show ended great when all three blame Geno Bisconte for everything wrong with the world.