Artie and Ann Coulter (the Queen of Twitter) talk politics. They start off wondering why liberals are so uptight. Artie talks to her about the field of Republicans. Ann is helping out Trump and Artie thinks he might be in his corner. Artie tells Ann they need to hang out. Ann tells us some of her biggest fears. Then, our buddy Paul Morrissey joins us for some fun. Artie talks with Paul about the election and Barbara Bush stumping for Jeb! A new character joins the Artie Lange Podcast, Ru Paul Morrissey, and the laughs take off only to be stopped by a betrayal worse than Judas. Our own Mike Bocchetti goes on another podcast and rips Artie and says he will take care of him. Artie is hurt and then mad. Artie recreates the scene in Goodfellas between him and Mike. We end the show with Mike talking to Snuggles.