Artie starts out talking about what it must be like to be married to Carly Fiorina. Artie thanks Bill Murray for his Paris tip. Artie asks Dan if there is anyone who is dead that he wants to talk badly about and he doesn’t hesitate. Artie starts to talk about millennials and quickly figures out why Bernie Sanders won Michigan. Artie fills us in on some new projects and shares that his career is going well right now. Artie wonders why Mike Bocchetti stabbed him in the back? A discussion ensues about some of the new “TALENT” at Fox News. We give a social tribute to George Martin. Artie then ends the show with a 1993 sketch he wrote for him and Jimmy Palumbo on stage at Caroline’s. Artie has the audio and replays it, as well as one of our favorite clips in which Artie interviews O.J. Anderson.