Artie starts off talking about some of the people on social media. He then dreams of the times he took private jets. Artie tells the audience how much he like James Flippin. Dan and Artie talk about growing up and how Artie’s family were brutal with criticism. Dan complains that all of Artie’s comedy friends hate him because they think he makes the decisions on the show. Artie answers the questions about Chris Cotton. Dan and Artie discuss what social media is doing to the world and what Dan does to mediate. Artie and Dan discuss what is going on in Washington and figure out why its so dysfunctional. The great Rick Shapiro joins Artie. He tells stories of comedy, and working on the new progressive commercial. He also tells Artie about all the podcasts he is doing in NYC and during one yesterday he ate out a strippers ass and he will never be the same.