Artie has in a guest today to talk HBO’s Vinyl – Rob Barnett – but as former head of CBS Radio he’s also the perfect guest to discuss CBS selling their radio stations. Rob shares the good and the bad of that deal. Rob and Artie both share stories of the time when Howard left CBS, and Artie was offered the job but didn’t understand how much he was getting paid. They talk about what radio can do to save themselves from smart phones. Vinnie Brand talks about how the smart phone has changed his comedy club. In part 2, Artie and Rob discuss Vinyl. They wonder if the show is making fun of and mocking that time rather than paying homage to the time. The dissect all the episodes. The last 20 minutes is Artie talking about how he is still upset that he can’t talk to the people from The Howard Stern Show. Why can’t his friends talk to him? Artie also mentions that we will be doing a live podcast at The Stress Factory.