The great Dennis Miller joins Artie and although we wanted to talk politics it easily veered off into some of the funniest comedy you will ever hear. Artie shares that he considers Dennis one of his all time best stand ups comics. Dennis tells Artie a few inside stories from some of his specials. They talk about SNL and Norm McDonald. Dennis and Artie share some of their favorite Don Rickles stories. In Part 2, giving his first interview since being let go from Fox Sports, Tony Siragusa tells us what happened. He knew they wanted to cut budget, but also thinks he may have been too honest on the field. Artie and Tony both wish men could be men and that “they” would just leave us football. Tony talks about the fact that he might not be right for these politically correct times. Tony explains he would sometimes get so fed up with some of the players that he would get physically upset. Artie explains there has been a tragedy at the apartment, ‘when the cheese from the pizza all goes to one side’. He talks about living in LA. Artie and Dan talk about how crazy the political scene is – the head of all the goofs is Mitch McConnell.  They feel that the recent nominee for the Supreme Court should at least get a hearing. Artie starts to impersonate Mitch McConnell and we play the scene from “The Godfather” with Senator Geary in the whorehouse because of how much it sounds like Mitch.