Artie starts off talking about getting a hit off that woman in Las Vegas and the fun that he had that weekend. He talks about going to the Yankees game and seeing the Chicago White Sox in shorts. Harry Caray stops by to tell Artie some stories about Dan Falato. Harry goes to meet Elvis, and Artie wonders what that sounded like? Artie tries to do another “blow your nose interview”. Artie talks about the future of the podcast and his new HBO series. He will still do the podcast, and a major broadcasting company may be interested in buying the podcast. One of Artie’s Twitter guys sent him a video of the Stern crew getting roasted by Colin Quinn, and Artie talks about how fun that was. We replay the Colin part. Artie hears Colin make fun of another failed relationship for Artie. Eric trump rejoins the show and he is AMAZING again. We also play some of Melania Trump’s  interview, and discuss what must go on in that family. The Alabama Governor has a sex tape and we play some of it. A thing that Artie talked about a month ago turns out to be true in terms of Chris Christie and who is in charge of him taking a shit. Artie read the requirements for the Denver Debate and Chris only cares about one thing.