In part 1 Ann Coulter, the woman who called Donald Trump to win a year ago, joins Artie. She is going on Bill Maher afterwards and she and Artie talk about Bill’s audience at the show. They discuss everyone on the Republican side dropping out of the race, how we can prevent the next Sept. 11th, and that Hillary Clinton just bothers them both. Both talk Uber and their shared fear of going out. Ann tells Artie she wants to have dinner with him and former SNL head writer Jim Downey.  Finally the pair also wonder if Ann will be head of the INS for Trump’s Presidential administration.

During Part 2, Josh Zepps joins Artie to talk about politics and how he came here from Australia. He talks about his life and what his future might be in the media. They both talk about how they were lured here by their love for NYC, why Donald Trump is working and how political correctness is killing comedy. Finally, Josh drops a bombshell on Artie that he has a husband and the questions from Artie ALL get answered, including “what kind of a gay he is”. Artie ends by offering Josh his balcony for some fun.