We are joined by one of our favorite new guests Rich Cohen, author of “The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones”. Artie talks about one of his previous books on the 1985 Chicago Bears and what happened that season. Artie wonders what it would be like if they were in Goodfellas. Next, Artie talks a little Babe Ruth with Rich who is a Cubs fan. Artie wonders how Rich hooked up with The Rolling Stones and it is an amazing story you won’t want to miss. Rich tells the start of The Stones and whether or not the guys get along. He talks about some of the stuff he had to keep out of the book including the drugs and how Keith resented Mick having to take over. Rich talks about Keith telling the world Mick has a small cock. Rich tells us about the private room they have before each show, stories behind the making of some of their greatest albums and what the guys were thinking.  Artie then has to talk to Rich about Vinyl on HBO. Rich tells Artie how he and Mick and Martin came up with the idea. Finally, Artie talks about how Dan took his car today because he was taking a big amount of money to his accountant from a show. Artie didn’t have his car and blames Dan for the meeting not going well. Artie hates sleeping in the bed the Russian stripper broke. Dan lucks out because Artie has a conference call about a new project.