Adrienne Iapalucci joins Artie for some fun and Russ Meneve stops by later. Artie has a new Cosby joke he is testing on Adrienne. Artie talks with her about the female sports reporters reading those mean tweets about themselves. Artie goes over his criminal record with her and wants to know more about her. Artie would like to know what Dan talked with Adrienne about before Artie arrived. She also talks about were her sister has a tattoo of her dad. They talk some politics and why her last show in Ridgefield didn’t go so well. Artie asks her if she thinks Dan is gay and takes some walks down the Rick Steves memory lane. Adrienne tells Artie about why she likes black guys and Artie wants to play a tape they played on The Howard Stern Show, but Dan and Adrienne can’t find it.  Russ Meneve stops by for some late night laughs and Dan finds the tape Artie wanted. Artie wants to tell Russ about Dan’s Sundays.