A special open to the 250th “true” episode. We need Stern Fan Nation to stop talking to Selma (Artie’s maid) while he’s here. Artie misses The King Of All Blacks from the Howard Stern Show. Artie just met a woman while applying for something and she is shocked at how much money he makes. Artie sends some love to his mom. Artie is LOVING the politics but Bill O’Reilly and Jesse Watters are starting to bug him. Dan told Artie something off the air and now Artie needs to get more info. Dan and Thom Brennaman were invited to the set of Falling Down and something happened to make them leave. Dan thinks he is a “6” in looks. The Donald Trump/Megyn Kelly interview was a joke! Thank you to the fans, comics and James Flippin for all the great times.