The great actor, director, writer, and singer Robert John Davi joins Artie and the fun starts right from the beginning. They talk about Robert having known  Marlon Brando and what he would be like on Gilligan’s Island. They talk about Robert’s life and his friends over the years. Artie and Robert both know Quincy Jones. Robert talks about hanging with Frank Sinatra. Artie loves the movie “Kill The Irishman” which Robert is in. Robert is a strong supporter of Donald Trump. Artie talks about checking his Twitter Feed and how he learned that from Bill Maher. Artie finds out why Dan was kicked out of Boy Scout Camp. Dan Falato apparently lived with his uncle for a year or so when he was a kid. We play back a song that one of our listeners wrote and sent us about Dan. Artie does his famous rendition of “The Autumn Wind” of NFL Films lore. Artie plugs tomorrow’s show and comments on Jerry Seinfeld opening for Margaret Cho to save her ass.