Our buddy Mario Bosco joins us for a change in his career, he wants to do standup. Artie tells us how he met Mario. Artie is interrupted by the delivery of free pizza that he can’t believe Dan asked for. Vinnie Brand and Angelo Bonsignore also join Artie on the show. Artie tells a story about his dad hating Mr. Rodgers. Artie refuses to use the Rite-Aid card no matter how much he saves on cigarettes. Mario tells some pre-written jokes. Artie talks about his HBO schedule. Mario has more people to thank and will not get off his phone. Artie talks about how he got the MADtv gig. Vinnie and Artie talk about some wonderful times at The Setai Hotel in Miami. Mario will not put the phone down. Vinnie can finally  tell the whole story of the Margaret Cho meltdown and Jerry Seinfeld helping her out at his club.