Dan “The Bad Cop” joins Artie, along with a buddy Rich Bodmer from G.I. Driver. Artie talks about how they became friends and some of the funniest stories from high school. They talk about his cop days and their graduation. Rich talks about his new venture helping out Vets. Next, the comedy panel comes in and we’re joined by Dave Attell, Russ Meneve, and Dave Juskow. A discussion ensues of what is going on in politics. Dave Juskow open his box of voices. The guys talk about some of their favorite movies including “Broadway Danny Rose”. The NBA game just ended so they talk some gambling. Dave Juskow brings up Rodney Dangerfield and the guys talk about some infamous shows they have done. Stanley Kubrick becomes a topic along with Nicole Kidman’s amazing ass. Finally, the guys talk about what’s next for them.