Artie welcomes the great Joe Buck and joke-man Jackie Martling. Artie and Jackie talk about their early days at Howard Stern and How they respect each other. Jackie tells a few stories Artie didn’t know and Artie does the same thing. They tell a few of their funniest stories. Joe Buck calls in next. Artie tells him that HBO has asked Artie to talk about “The Joe Buck Night” on a new show. Joe and Artie exchange some funny stories and they talk about Derek Jeter’s sex life. Artie talks about some great moments in baseball for him as a kid.  Next, Artie welcomes in Adrienne Iapalucci and our great friend John Avello from the Wynn Casino. Ben from Clifton, a show favorite, also stops by. The group talks gambling,  and John talks to Adrienne about issues she had with her father due to a problem he had with the OTB. John tells us how you can stop a casino from letting you in, and some behind the curtain secrets. John is “old school” and Artie asks about him how he feels about the culture of today where everyone wins. Artie describes some scenarios that can only happen in Vegas, and asks what John would do. Artie asks him who his favorite comedian in Vegas are, and he also gives us a update on Michael Vick’s abused dogs. John also talks about how shocked he is at Golden State not doing well.