Our buddy Alaa Abdelnaby and Mario Bosco join us, and although we intended to talk about the NBA playoffs but we never really get to it! Mario and Alaa catch up a bit until they are interrupted by Artie’s growing hatred of Dan’s Chicago accent. Mario makes a few references to old time television shows which leads to Artie and Alaa talking about Smokey and The Bandit. Artie and Alaa talk about their views of NYC. We do eventually get into some NBA and Yankees discussion. After Alaa leaves Mario has some more jokes for us. Artie inquires how Mario makes a living. Artie talks about a segment he once heard on the Don Imus show, and can’t believe how much comedy has changed. Mario shares with us how he gets into movies for free, and he also talks about Kate Hudson. Mario has some twitter haters and Artie gives him some advice. We end the show with more Dan songs.