Artie wants to see if Joe has heard about the gorilla story and he hadn’t until Dan showed him. Artie talks about one of  R Kelly’s ladies. Joe is heading to LA and they discuss meetings and agents. Artie had to give some comedy advice to joke writers regarding the gorilla story. Artie happened to be next to Howard Stern when he made a huge sum of money and talks about his reaction. Joe has some coffee, and Artie talks about hoops with George Clooney. Artie talks about Fonzie and wonders if they were kidding us. Artie and Joe both talk about the brilliance of Dennis Miller. Artie shares a comedy secret of some black comics. Joe said something so bad that even Artie laughed and said we need to cut that out (email Joe if you want to know). Finally, apparently people have nothing better to do than create more Dan songs, and Artie wonders where the new coffee cup came from.