Dave Juskow joins Artie after 4 days straight of working on ‘Crashing’. The guys talk about Dave’s Godfather Show. Artie talks about Crashing on HBO and Dave Juskow got a part. Artie was asked to do HBO publicity for it.  Artie talks about James Caan on The Bob Costas Show. The return of Sterling Hayden and what would he think of Woddy Allen’s wife Soon Yi. How creepy is that whole story? Dave talks about the Jesse Owens movie ‘Race’. Dan had someone very interesting look at his Linkedin. What is the deal with Howard Stern and Artie? Artie still doesn’t understand it. Artie is pissed every time he sees Soon Yi at Knicks games. Artie talks about Hal Ashby and his call from Bruce Springsteen.  Artie comments on Nancy Grace leaving and his favorite Nancy story Johan Van Der Sloot. We play more Dan gay songs and we talk to Steve who wrote one. Artie explains the lack of shows recently given he’s been working everyday this week.