Artie has to put in a special  open to explain Mario Bosco last night. Artie talks about the tragedy in Dallas. Artie talks about the younger generation and how there is no work ethic anymore. Artie comments on the Fox News Roger Ailes story and what it must be like in his office. Mario Bosco and Josh Accardo join us and Mario starts out barking out orders. Mario talks about some of his Hollywood friends. Artie tells a great story about his buddy Kamal Ahmed from The Jerky Boys and Abel Ferrara. Artie and Josh give Mario some advice on Twitter. Mario keeps on trying to tell us about a fun story concerning a spatula. Josh openly wonders, does Mario get hit on as a girl? Artie makes plans – if something happens to him who will pay Mario’s Uber charges? Does Dan have an agreement with Artie’s Mom? Lastly, Mario goes into his plugs and Artie ends show.