Artie welcomes back Paul Morrisey. Artie wanted to go to a family party and he wants to know why Mike isn’t here. Mario was texting Artie and told him Mike wasn’t coming. Dan wanted to wait until Mike woke up to see how he feels before telling Artie. Artie wants Dan to stop using the Rite Aid card right now and Dan refuses. Dan is tired of Mario begging Artie for things. Artie discuses why Geno isn’t on the show and doesn’t know why he is blaming Dan. Artie misses the old NFL broadcasts. Artie doesn’t miss The Canavan Twins from the DirecTV show. Artie asks Mario how he is getting home, just like in the movie Goodfellas. The show gets a visit from Harry Carey. Artie tells us why he hates the WNBA. The show wishes Derek Jeter congrats on his marriage!