The great Richard Roeper joins us to talk about the beatings he has been taking lately for his review of Ghostbusters. He explains it’s just not funny. Artie and Richard come up with a better ending for the movie and it’s star-studded cameos. Artie talks about Anthony Cumia going to a batterer class and seeing a video of Artie. Artie and Richard talk about what is going on with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. Next the guys talk about Trump and what is going on with politics. Artie breaks the reason why Chris Christie didn’t get VP offer. Richard talks about how when he passes some of the protests in Chicago they are all mild and they want to take selfies with him. They wonder – what if Trump wins? Artie then breaks news about Dan. He will be in  HBO’s Crashing because they are all fans of the podcast. Artie knows people that auditioned for it. Artie ends the show with the return of Roger Ailes.