Artie starts off thanking the people that came out to The Borgata. He reflects on A-Rod. The Green Party people are on TV and Artie talks about what is happening in politics. Artie pitched a “John Fugelsang and Lange” show but John didn’t bite. Artie starts talking about the ‘Fabulous Life’ guy on VH1 and how Howard hated being on it. Who’s is hanging with David Geffen on his yacht? Artie was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air for a time. Dan got to go to Frank Sinatra’s house twice and he didn’t do well. Artie talks about Marlon Brando. Artie knows he is a lucky guy. He feels bad for the kids that have opioid problems. Ellen got busted for a horrible joke and picture and Artie is loving it. Artie talks about his sold out screening tomorrow night.