It’s just Artie and Dan as we are getting closer to episode 300. Artie is watching the movie ’21’. Dan is watching the Cubs game and the great Ron Santo is brought up. Artie talks about the movie ’21’ and wonders where Kate Bosworth is. Artie talks about some women that wanted to get ahead on Dirty Work. Dan saw Kate do a movie in Hawaii. Artie tells women who they should’ve had sex with in Dirty Work. Artie talks about all the lost cell phones of ex-girlfriends. Dan hides the Fresh Direct cupcakes from Artie. Artie is followed by Carvel Ice Cream and Dan is jealous. Dan tells Artie about his friends favorite ice cream in Chicago and Artie loses it. The second half of the show is Artie doing a Q&A at a screening of Dirty Work in Brooklyn this past Thursday night.