It’s another late night show with Dan and Artie. Artie shares the greatest comeback to an insult he ever heard on time in a bar. Everyone at Fox should have a clean undercarriage. Artie wonders what the racist Joel Osteen would sound like? Artie better watch what he says because Arianna Huffington could come after him. New Roger Ailes stories are coming out. Ed Torian is back to grill the New York Times. Dana Perino had a special announcement today. Fox is a crazy place to work. Artie read an amazing Rolling Stones story today that Dan gave to him. Artie saw Dasani water in the fridge for the first time and Dan told him it was free. Artie does his Phil Donahue and then talks some more about Roger Ailes. Artie wonders if the after-life is like ‘Defending Your Life’ and how will Dan tell them he likes a couple of Katy Perry songs? Artie tells the audience about an amazing discovery he made concerning a guy he worked with in construction, and two lists he was on. Artie was offered a ‘Sex and The City’ role but turned it down. He talks about a prank that was done on The Howard Stern Show. Finally, the sad story of Dwight Gooden.