It’s a vacation show with Artie, Dan, and Anthony Bozza. Artie talks about doing the Dirty Work screening nearby where Anthony lives and questions him on all the hipsters in Brooklyn. Artie talks about Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn. She is so fucking lucky and what a way to repay Mia Farrow. They pick the 5 best Woody Allen Movies. Artie talks about going to The Producers. Artie is watching CNN and wonders what goes on at their Christmas party. Artie talks about the great Gene Wilder. He loved Willy Wonka. Artie explains the genius of that movie. Dan Rather is on CNN and Artie talks about what he thinks his sex life was like. Artie is bothered by Corey Lewandowski being on CNN. Artie and Anthony talk about the new book.