Artie starts off talking Tony Dungy and NFL . He then intro’s the guests starting off with one of his favorites Sam Morril, as well as two kids just starting out: Caleb Brookhart and Ryan Lina. How’d they get here? Sam and Artie talk about The Comedy Cellar. Artie talks about a clip they are playing of Donald Trump on Howard Stern. THEN WE BREAK IN WITH AN UPDATE TODAY ON THE TRUMP STORY. Artie has Ed Torian talk to Kim Jong-un about North Korea. We are back with the full group and they talk about comedy today and what some of Artie’s friends had in the back of their cars. Sam and Artie talk about some of the places they have done comedy, and the boys tell their stories. Artie talks about working with Tracy Morgan. Sam and Artie talk about Last Comic Standing . Artie has a theory on why there is so much political correctness today. The guys finish up discussing some NBA and wives.