Artie joins Opie and Jim for some fun on their SiriusXM show. Also in the studio are the very funny Vic Henley and Craig Gass. The guys start off talking about NYC traffic and the famous driver from Caroline’s comedy club. They start talking about technology and who invents all this stuff? What will happen in NYC when they have driverless cars? Next the guys start talking sports and their favorite sports announcers. They are old timers and like to read the paper. Artie tells a couple of newspaper stories, including one that involves someone famous borrowing a paper. Then they all get in talking politics. Will Hillary Clinton make it and will she survive the whole term? Trump is discussed by all.  Jim Norton has to leave but Craig Gass comes in. They all talk of their love for, and tell some amazing stories about Gilbert Gottfried . They also talk about playing at the Playboy Mansion for Hugh Hefner. Artie has to leave for a court date.