Artie welcomes the very funny Joe Machi. Artie tells a story and says that he should get some type of award for saving a life. Joe grew up near Penn State. Joe talks about his career and coming to NYC. Joe talks about comedy and he doesn’t want to talk about his friends. Artie and Joe get into a heated debate about Van Halen. Artie makes an observation about Joe’s looks. Artie has to go to the city for an NFL show. In Part 2, late at night, Artie sees what Jon Hamm is doing. Artie has a bone to pick with a podcast subscriber that made some comments on his NFL Show tonight. Artie begs him to stop listening. Ed Torian makes an appearance and interviews Artie’s Uncle Frank. Artie is horrified, but not shocked, about the Eleanor Roosevelt story in the news that she was a lesbian. Artie gives out some tips on how to pick up women. Artie talks some Trump and decides he can’t make a show tomorrow. He talks about Dave Juskow’s NFL Show he had to attend.