Artie wants to start a new segment with our guest Mario Bosco. Artie gives the history of Mt. Boredom. Mario likes the movie Vacation. Why isn’t Artie in the “where are they now ” of MadTV? Why is he also not in his High School Hall of Fame? What will happen if Artie doesn’t pay for Mario’s Uber? Mario has a show idea and a joke.  Artie talks about being close to Christina Applegate. Part 2 is without Mario and Artie explains why. We are watching The Mets game. Artie talks about his love for Joe Franklin the New York TV personality. Artie thinks Dan’s utopia soon of Hillary Clinton. How much of an asshole must Bill Maher be that although he gave Barack Obama a million dollars he still won’t go on his show? Artie had a date and Dan won’t leave. Artie has a bone to pick with Leonardo DiCaprio. Artie talks about meeting Vin Scully.