The GREAT Jeff Garlin joins us and Artie finds it so cute when two Cubs fans talk. Jeff talks about the curse of the Cubs. Jeff is very depressed by politics. The guys talk about Trump. Artie is trying to find out how much money Jeff has? Artie and Jeff talk about Richard Lewis and Artie being one of the guys that will speak at an event for Richard.  A name that has never come up on the show before does – Stewie Stone. Artie and Jeff talk about talk shows and wonders why they have to talk to bookers. We talk more Cubs and comedy clubs across the country.  Artie and Jeff talk about how amazing Pete Holmes and Judd Apatow are. In part 2, Artie does some Danny Rose and some of the big checks he has received. Artie talks about a nurse he had in rehab. Artie tells a story about how he gave an elderly couple a ride from hell! Artie talks about a call-in once from Bob Levy to The Howard Stern Show.