The always funny Lenny Dykstra join us. He was supposed to talk baseball but we never got to it. Lenny has a sponsor and he wants to make sure Artie knows about it. The book tour didn’t go well – he beat up a cop/security guard at his publisher’s office. Lenny tells us about his dating life and that a gal is about to come over. The woman says hello. Artie and Dan are worried for her. Lenny is coming to town and he has teeth and wants to take us to dinner. PART 2. Artie and Dan try and recap… what just happened? Artie explains a joke he said and why it is funny. Artie talks about what’s in Marlon Brando’s refrigerator and how it made him sick. Artie talks to our ethnic listeners. Artie discusses a new documentary that is getting buzz. Artie was asked to write a blurb for Clarence Clemon’s book. It didn’t make the book but he wanted to see Artie. Artie was late to the concert and Clarence died soon after. Artie is upset he didn’t meet Clarence but his blurb for the book was amazing.