Artie is joined by Joe Matarese and Dave Juskow. They start out talking about James Corden’s recent bit with Tom Cruise. The guys are watching the Al Smith Dinner on TV. Artie tells people who Al Smith is and why he has the dinner. Dave Juskow tells us about the recent football show. During a break, Artie talks more about Tom Cruise and we come back talking about Jerry Maguire. We again bring back a favorite bit – Bob Golub in every movie. Artie wants to know more about the people who stand behind Trump. Mario Bosco has some problems and we try to address with ‘fake’ Mario here. Artie talks about our podcast contributors. Artie talks about the Optimum commercial and Dave does a few voices. Dave wonders if Abe Vigoda changed his name and Artie thinks he may have the answer. We break and Artie tells of a few stories about being on the road with John Melendez.