Artie and Dan just watched the documentary on Anthony Weiner and they have different views. Artie recalls some bullies in high school and how he tried to help one kid. Did Dan see ‘Divorce’ this week? Artie gets back to the Weiner documentary. Artie is sick of politics and blames Dan’s views for problems in the country. We are about to end the show when Dan says are we not talking about the Cubs? Artie decides to come back and talk about them. Elizabeth Warren just came on TV and Artie may go to Broadway with a play about her. Joe Biden – settle down with your comments. Artie can’t wait until Mario is back here, although he thinks we are ruining his career. Artie is very happy about the Cubs winning the pennant. He may go to Chicago. Artie talks about the electricity just being near MSG when the Rangers won in 1994.

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