The great Jackie Martling comes by right before game two of the World Series. He wonders when he and Artie will ever do a stage show together? Artie asks him if he liked Richard Simmons on The Howard Stern Show. Jackie likes talking to Dan before the show. Artie and Jackie talk managers. Jackie has some memories of Wrigley Field, and he tells the guys of a fight there. In a bit that will live on forever Jackie and Artie talk about Ellen Cleghorne.

In Part 2 of our show, we have a special Trump segment with Mario Bosco and Kevin Dombrowski. Artie starts off talking about Larry The Cable guy. Artie talks about the underbelly of NYC and Dan talks about Chicago. The President’s half brother is on TV and Artie and the guys talk about it. We digest the Melania Trump press conference from the other day. Artie ends the show talking about that dope Billy Bush.

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