Artie starts out talking about Hillary Clinton’s new emails with writer Anthony Bozza. Artie talks about politics and how Billy Bush is the big loser. Artie talks about Marina Franklin and wonders what if he had hit on her? What pick up lines did Ben Franklin use? Artie talks about Tracy Morgan and why comedy is dead these days. Artie talks about Carvel ice cream and a local commercial for Potamkin car dealership. Artie loves Michelle Obama’s arms. Bill Kurtis makes an appearance. Artie does the 10 most offensive minutes ever on a podcast. Artie talks about DirecTV. Artie tells Anthony what kind of life he is afraid of.

After the Cubs game we get an email from Eric Trump. Eric has a great idea. Artie gives his own bio of the Kennedy Clan. We finish with more of Eric Trump’s idea.

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