Artie starts off talking Cubs with Dan and Anthony Booza. Jimmy The Greek joins the show. Artie is watching TV and wonders if they are doing a show from our old DirecTV studio? Artie wants to make it clear he is Anti-Slavery! Artie fills us in on the last time he got into trouble on Twitter. Dan is in a Budweiser commercial. Artie has been banned from twitter for 12 hours and we are trying to figure out why? Artie talks about the Godfather house. Artie is watching Bernie Sanders and sees a new, rested guy. Artie wonders what Bernie is thinking now? Artie talks again about the Hillary Clinton emails and how stupid they were. Melania Trump gave a speech and Artie wants to discuss it. Artie tells a great Mitch Hedberg story that will be in his new book with Anthony. We end the show with the Melania speech.

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