Anthony Bozza and Mario Bosco are here and we catch Mario barking out orders before the show has even started. Mario has perfected the art of the pout. Artie talks about his life and a Chinese couple he worked with. Should Artie complain about anything in his life given we just took a helicopter ride to a show? Is Dan jealous of Mario? Artie wants to know what’s on TV while we are recording the podcast. Dan wanted to watch basketball but didn’t think that Anthony wanted to. Artie talks about his life and working with his Dad. Richard Simmon’s gym has closed and Artie tells you why. Artie imagines a book agent and talks about writing. We get another Mario pout.  The group XX is on SNL and Artie wonders what they are like in real life. Mario didn’t charge us for his last visit. Artie tells a secret about Dan and how he slips in stories.

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