The great Richard Roeper joins Artie along with our buddy Mario Bosco. They start out talking about ‘2 Broke Girls’ and Whitney Cummings. Then they talk about Dennis Rodman during his Chicago Bulls days and wonder how do those guys run out of money? Then Artie and Richard talk Trump and election night. Richard and Artie both see that this next generation is in trouble because they don’t know how to fail. They worry about Mike Pence. What do those women do in that Kardashian house to those men? Richard talks about his dinner with Warren Beatty last week. Artie and Richard talk about meeting their idols. Artie asks about Richard being a White Sox fan and his thoughts on the Cubs winning it all.  Artie doesn’t like the gloves Dan bought. Mario wants to go shopping with the guys. Artie remembers a longshoremen he worked with. Artie ends with some insight into the Mike Bocchetti and Geno blowoff.

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