Ben Bailey, the host of ‘Cash Cab’ and a very funny comedian, joins Artie. They talk about their memories of NYC and telling jokes at some of the old clubs. They wonder if a comedian can go too far? Artie and Ben talk about writing material. Ben talks about his history and how he got the ‘Cash Cab’ gig. Ben started out at The Comedy Store and has some good Pauly Shore stories. Ben and Artie talk about going to Europe and doing comedy. Ben thinks the people in Holland are very tall. Ben talks about going to The Winchester House in California and the history of it. They both talk about Louie Anderson. Artie was on a show with Louis as host. Artie discusses people complaining about 25 cents a day and Ben has a garage sale story. They talk about some news of the day and wonder what is going on¬†with Kanye West? Did those women drive him nuts? They have done some crazy shows they’ve had in front of odd audiences. They end by¬†talking about Tony Danza.

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