The great Joe Buck joins us to talk about his new book ‘Lucky Bastard’. Artie and Joe talk about the moment they will be forever remembered for. Artie learned something new from the book. The HBO Bill Simmons’ show was the worst show on TV! Joe wants Artie at a book signing. Joe talks about the hair plug addiction. Joe and Artie talk about his dad who was “a man’s man”, and the good old days. Joe and Artie talk about Derek Jeter. Joe shares some very uncomfortable family memories. Artie and Joe talk about Joe as a kid. Joe has to give Pete Rose some tips from Artie. Artie has a theory and  wonders if John Madden was a little flimsy?  Artie has another theory about Richard Dent and Bucky Dent. Artie intros his goof on Jesse Jackson at Jackie Robinson’s  funeral.

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