Artie starts to talk about his Uncle in non-pc times. He and his Dad tried to steal a scale at a hospital. Artie tells a story about how his Dad got out of the mob. Dan and Artie talked about doing construction and a guy Dan worked with. Artie talks about his Uncles growing up. Artie is bothered by Dan and road manager Tim looking at their phones.  Tim wants to be a life coach. Artie wonders what that may be like. Artie talks about some horrible drug days. Artie has to do Dave Juskow’s show tonight. Artie starts singing a song about Dave. Artie thought Dan said another creepy thing the other night. Joe Matarese had an idea for a TV show. Artie did the test show at Carolines and we replay it. The concept is a comedian does his act, and a shrink talks about it with him on stage.

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