The founder of ‘Blue Lives Matter’, Joey Imperatrice, joins us to talk about his cause. He talks about some of the police officer’s families that suffer. He thanks the celebrities that come out for the cops. They talk about the lack of respect for cops these days. Artie talks with Joey about the benefit.  Artie talks about Dan’s clothes. Jackie Robinson may not have been friends with the people that use his name. Andy Steves, Rick’s son, was on the podcast Saturday and Artie has to hear. Artie makes up his own Rick’s tour. Artie talks about Barry Sobel using Dan’s room as well as credit card in Paris without Dan knowing. Artie talks about Paris. Artie tries to think of the money he has spent on women. Artie has an amazing idea concerning how to make money with LeBron James’s dad. Bob Levy asked for a favor and Artie tries to think of all the favors he’s done for him.

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