It’s Artie and Dan to start out the new year. Artie is trying to figure out if Santa was good to Dan. Artie looks back at his life with another year in the books. Artie tells people he is no Dane Cook. Dan saved a repeat for Artie of ‘Lupe’ from “My 600 Pound Life” because it got erased. Artie wants to know what happened to the Ryan brothers in the NFL? Artie and Dan talk about ‘Lupe’. Hoboken was much different 20 years ago. Artie and Dan talk about eating ribs. What is going on in Chicago with all the shootings and how far is it from downtown? Artie talks about Gary, Indiana and it’s most famous resident. Michael Jackson basically set up a hospital room in his house. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new host of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ and we wonder what if Lupe (the 600 lb. woman) were on it? Artie is pissed he’s not in the Union Hall of Fame. We have BREAKING NEWS: as CHARLES MANSON is rushed to the hospital.

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