It’s just Artie and Dan, and Artie wants to bitch about the P.C. Police on Twitter that don’t know what’s funny! Artie talks about what he likes to eat and explains he can guarantee that is why he has diabetes. Artie has a beef with Dan about microphone placement. Artie provides a little known fact about famous Generals with regards to Bradley (Chelsea) Manning. Who is Obama letting out of Cuba? Artie’s sick of not being able to tell a joke anymore, what happened to goofing on people? Harry Caray stops by having just come back from Vassar. Artie explains why he didn’t go the Comedy Cellar Christmas Party. Artie watched some of the Chuck Grassley hearings about Sen. Jefferson Sessions and then he couldn’t stop. Artie was on WABC this morning with ‘Bernie and Sid’ and we play it.

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