Dan has some problems with his headset and it is bothering Artie. Artie tells a couple racial jokes including one about his buddy Jim Florentine. Artie talks about the weekend fog and having to cancel a show, leading to him giving out his home numbers. Artie talks about Foxwoods and we get a call because he gave out his numbers. We take a call from Logan in Oregon. He steals the show and is a male nurse. Dan forgets to tell Artie about an interview and legendary broadcaster Mark Simone calls in. Artie needs to get to the bottom of this and says this is why Edison didn’t have an assistant.  Artie does an amazing interview with Mark Simone. We have more people calling in. Artie sees a commercial for George Foreman. Artie tells us how he feels George sold it. MIT scientists were waiting for George’s call.  Artie talks about ’12 Angry Men’. Manny from ‘The Comedy Cellar’ told Bob Dylan go back to Minnesota. Artie does more movie talk. We make a few calls to people who had tickets to the cancelled Foxwoods Show.

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