Artie was at ‘The Stand’ last night. Artie has nothing against Aziz Ansari but he’s not Bob Dylan. Jimmy Kimmel reached out to Artie through a special envoy. Artie has written a new joke about crib death. Jay Leno wrote for Jimmy Walker when he was younger. Artie is watching Sean Spicer and he looks like he’s being held hostage. Why was the crowd bigger for Obama? Artie has a thought. Artie is so lucky to be on ‘Crashing’ with Judd Apatow and Pete Homes. Artie talks about Howard and some of our old DirecTV Friends. The Bobby Darin story is so odd to us. Artie heard about sour shoes yesterday. Everybody better calm down and that includes you Howard. Stuttering John told Artie about a book idea he has.What happened to Mario Lopez’s house?  Artie is watching Fox and loves Dennis Miller. After the break, an old friend from DirecTV called Artie when he gave out his number. We get to learn all about Steve and his Mom! Steve tells us all about his war with Mike. Artie talks more about Fox TV. Why does Trump do some of the things he does? Artie’s theory on Obamacare. Artie has a Trump/Obama theory.
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