We start out talking about our buddy Mike Bocchetti who had an anniversary recently. Artie once went to couples therapy. Artie wants Dan to release some things, just like with Burt Reynolds, after he is gone. Artie talks about a trick he once played on his agent. Dan talks to himself, but that ok because at least he gets things done.  DirecTV really didn’t treat us well at the Superbowl in Indianapolis and Nick Di Palo wasn’t happy. When the trip was over Artie didn’t make it any better for Nick. Artie’s cousin went to the game with him. We check in on some people at DirecTV. Artie gives his tribute to Mary Tyler Moore. It was amazing to work with some veteran actors on ‘The Bachelor’. Ed Asner was fun to be around. We discuss the dopes that ran The Fashion Cafe. Our buddy Mike Bocchetti doesn’t have a sizzle reel, but it is called something else. Jon Hamm’s new commercial is horrible. Artie can’t read his notes. Will the Clintons go away? There are rumors that she will run for something again. Artie says goodbye to the legend Butch Trucks.

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